What is Best Practices?

Once a month, serial entrepreneur Joe Chin interviews two ultra-successful startup leaders, digs into their experience, knowledge, and secrets, and identifies best practices. Past guests include:


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Best Practices: How to Build a Company with a Multi-Million Dollar Exit

November 2, 2011

Laurel Touby, founder of Mediabistro (sold for $23 million), and Mark Wachen, founder of Optimost (sold for $52 million) offered some great tips for building strong companies while aiming for that big payout. Here are their best practices...

Best Practices: From Zero to Millions

September 28, 2011

Scott Kurnit, founder, CEO, and chairman of About.com, and Danny Wen, founder of Harvest, built their companies to millions in revenue and billion dollar valuations. Find out their secrets here...